Product Accessories. The AdhesionXtreme® Accessory Products have been specifically designed for the surface preparation & installation of AdhesionXtreme®  tapes all wet or dry surfaces. AX-300 - Multi-Purpose High Performance Thermo polymer Sealants  300ml (12/case) Universal High performance multi-purpose thermo plastic elastomer based sealant. Excellent adhesion to most surfaces including: Metal, Modified Bitumen, PVC, EPDM, TPO, Fiber Cement, Wood, Concrete, Tile and Glass.  The AX-300 is available in three colours, clear, black and white. For use on wet or dry roofing & building surfaces. Get a Quote! AX-400- Aerosol Spray Primer 400g  (12/case) The AdhesionXtreme® AX-400 aerosol spray primer is intended to aid the adhesion of sealing tapes to all roofing and building surfaces and is also recommended for sealing concrete surfaces prior to application of solvent based coatings and sealants. This is also recommended for wet, porous or fragile surfaces & tape installation below +5°C Get a Quote! AX-900- Biological Based Cleaner 900ml (12/case) The AX-900 Bio-based spray cleaner and degreasing agent is a non-toxic biodegradable cleaning spray composed of natural plant esters. It is intended for removing tar, asphalt and sealants from equipment and building surfaces. It is also ideally suited for cleaning tools and equipment.  The AX 900’s slow evaporation rate and solvent power make it ideal for cleaning roof surfaces prior to application of sealing tapes. Get a Quote! SSR-50- Silicone Seam Roller 725g (6/case) The SSR 50 silicone seam roller features a 50mm wide rolling surface and is intended to aid in the installation and fusion of tape to roofing surfaces as well as to remove entrapped air bubbles. The roller has a screw thread that can adapt to an extension handle. Get a Quote! Home Products Product Accessories Get In Contact! Want to Join Us? Get access to Special Offers. Caravan Uses Residential Uses Commercial Uses Commercial Uses Copyright © 2014 AdhesionXtreme® Warranty Contact Us