Our Products. Four catagories of tapes for every waterproofing need in the construction industry. RoofBond® For use on all roofing surfaces. These tapes feature a durable UV stable backing offered in black, white or grey in order to match most industrial roofing surfaces including: Bitumen Metal PVC Granulated  Water and weatherproofs all seam repairs.  No primer required if the substrate is clean, dry & dust free. More Info >> MultiTask® Laminated with a non-woven backing that is extremely flexible and designed to accept all roof coatings, paints or liquid urethane finishes. Excellent for sealing the edges of concrete basements or terraces prior to pouring the liquid urethane finish. More Info >> 2Sided® More Info >> InsulAtor® Typically used as a vapour and air barrier for sealing joints of insulation panels installed within the walls or ceilings. Also used to ensure an air tight seal between timber floors or window frames as well as irregular construction surfaces. More Info >> This tape features the adhesive formula on both surfaces and is designed for sealing between two substrates of either similar or dissimilar materials. Home Products Product Accessories Get In Contact! Want to Join Us? Get access to Special Offers. Caravan Uses Residential Uses Commercial Uses Commercial Uses Copyright © 2014 AdhesionXtreme® Warranty Contact Us